The Easiest Way to Make a Fishing Net by Yourself

Have you thought of making a fishing net by yourself at home? It is very easy! China fishing net manufacturer will show you the instructions: 1. First you will need to take your string and cut it to length. For a dip net, you will want to cut the strands to 1' longer than twice your desired net length, i.e. for a 2' net, the strands should be 5' long, and another set of strings that are 10% longer than the finished circumference, one string for each inch of finished length. 2. Make as many strands as there are inches in circumference (for a dip net) or length and width (for a casting net)this will ensure that the net openings will be only 1" wide, if you want a smaller or larger opening, adjust accordingly. China fishing net wholesale offer you high quality but cheap fishing nets. 3. This is where the net construction really varies by design. For a cast net, the rest of the procedure is really easy. Simply lay out the long strands 1" apart and all parallel, and then lay the shorter strands perpendicular across the long ones. 4. If you are building the dip net, you want to make a hoop out of flexible thin tree branches, living pine works great. Use extra string to tie the two ends together making a hoop, and remember to make the hoop long enough that you have one strand for every TWO inches. 5. Using only the first half of the hoop (if it were a clock, from six to twelve) tie on a string every one inch, so that half of the hoop looks like it has long hair. If you feel so difficult to make fishing net by yourself and you can buy cheap fishing net on the market.

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