The History of China Fishing Net

Huailin net production has a long history of more than 200 years according to preliminary research, where all famous China fishing net manufacturer gather. Throughout its entire development process, HuaiLin fishnet industry has gone four times of development with by leaps and bounds: from hand to machine, from decentralized to centralized, from rivers and lakes to the ocean, from domestic to foreign countries. And it can be broadly divided into five stages: 1. Self-sufficiency. The production of hemp and silk is very during this period, so the fishing nets were rarely exchanged in the market before 1950. 2. Self-development(1950-1980). Since the advent of Nylon yarn and nylon filament, there have been great changes in fishing industry. The women can weave a lot of nets due to abundant raw materials,so that a considerable part of the net was sold at market. 3.Joint Operation(1980-1992). During this period, The policy allow some people to get rich first. So some positive farmers specialized in the production and sale of fishing nets and they became net specialist. They sign net supplement contract with overseas customers firstly, and then purchase raw materials by themselves, finally,they commissioned other farmers to process fishing net according to the contract. 4. Carry out the strategy of integration of trading & industry & agriculture at the beginning of 1993. Woven net began to come out at this period, which not only reduce cost but also improve productivity greatly. 5.Development of China fishing net wholesale industrial clusters(after 1998). Currently, there are about 446 enterprises that get involved in fishery industry and 1.48 million people work in fishery industry all over the HuaiLin town. In addition, there are about 1200 sets of different types of nets loom, 460 production lines of heald nylon.The annual output of nylon heald is about 30,000 tons, and the fishing net 28,000 tons.The fishing nets produced by Huailin Town are not only sold very well in China market, but also are exported to Russia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and America and so on.

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