How to Prepare Bees for Winter?

For thousands of years, man has plundered honey bee colonies to get honey, bee larvae and beeswax. What goes on in a beehive during winter? The queen is surrounded by thousand of her workers, kept warm in the midst of the winter cluster. When cold weather comes, the cluster forms in the center of the two hive bodies. Winter is the slowest season of your beekeeping cycle. You’ve already prepared your colony for the kinds of weather that your part of the world typically experiences. So, now is the time to do the following: 1. Check that the colony has a laying queen. Look for eggs, larvae and sealed brood. If there is no queen, unite the colony to a queen right colony, or call for help. Your colony should have at least five deep frames of bees. 2. Make sure the bees have enough food! The late winter and early spring are when colonies can die of starvation. 3. You need a house for your bees – hive components like brood boxes, honey suppers (plus extras for switching out during honey flow), bottom board, top board, queen excluder, feeder 4. Clean, repair, and store your equipment such as honey extractor for the winter. 5. Remove the empty feeder when the hive weight is OK. Place an eke, a 25mm high square wooden frame, on the top brood box. 6. Fit a super of drawn combs, including any part-filled combs or combs wet from extracting, to store late season honey from Himalayan balsam or ivy. No queen excluder is needed. 7. Develop a hobby relating to bees. It is the best time for a beekeeper to make beeswax candles, brewing some mead in cold winter.

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Best Way to Use a Caliper

A caliper has two jaws, one fixed, the other sliding. Move the sliding jaw by pressing your thumb on the bump on the bottom. Many calipers also have a knurled wheel that makes moving the jaw easier. This sort of calipers come with no line graduated measuring scale, on the caliper there are four jaws two upper and two lower. This electronic measurement as three buttons on the digital caliper On/Off in one buttons you use turn on or off, Zero prepare to take a measurement and the MM/IN also one button if you need it in metric on in inches, the locking screw is to keep the reading in place when you're done measuring and you don’t want to lose the reading located on top of the caliper. The display is turned on with the on/off button. caliper manufacturers china is the most reliable caliper suppliers in the world. The external jaws should then be brought together until they touch and the zero button should be pressed. The digital caliper can then be used to measure distances. Always go through this procedure when turning on the display for the first time. Your caliper can take four kinds of readings: outside, inside, depth, and step. Any caliper, whether it is a vernier caliper, dial caliper, or electronic digital caliper, can take these measurements. Let’s take a look at how you take each of those readings.

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